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With 35 years experience, we are the one-stop shop to solve all your problems in your pub, restaurant or hotel - across the U.K.

Why choose HCR?

Very affordable prices

Our pricing is very impressive and competitive.

Staff for every occasion

We have staff for every occasion and section of your business.

In house support

We can provide full in house support for all your requirements.

About Us

Established in 2013, HCR Services is an independent company specialising in Hospitality Staffing and Consultancy for restaurants, bars and hotels.

If your hotel, pub or restaurant is struggling to attract enough customers, and you dread the mid-week lull, we can help you pinpoint your specific problems, increase sales and turn-round your establishment into making a healthy profit, before it’s too late!

Our Winning Formula

We have taken the latest in technology and combined it with good, old fashioned hands-on training, allowing us to spend more time with our clients. We have an open and honest approach with our clients and helps to build a long-term business relationship with a strong foundation. We are personal and flexible which allows us to create a unique service to fit your needs.

Our first step is to meet with you and chat in person about what we can provide for you, so please do contact us.

Hospitality Consultancy

Whatever your issue you can discuss it with us so that we can create a profitable solution for your bar, restaurant or hotel.


We have a register of reliable temporary staff at very impressive and affordable prices, to help your business out and grow when you need it.

A Strong Relationship

We believe that creating a strong relationship between ourselves and your business is paramount to success. Start today by getting in contact with us.

Today's talent. Tomorrow's success.

Contact us so we can consult your business and make it profitable once again. Let experience be your guide.